Welcome to Kate Norton Art


Artists Statement

I live and paint in Santa Fe where I have been working since 1987.  I work on hard board panels with oil over a golden ground.  I have transitioned from watercolor to oil, seascape to landscape, and now abstracts.  These new works are often two layers.  The second layer is a small painting floated over the face of a larger work, creating a shift, sometimes radical, suggesting layers of reality, glimpses through the veils. The work is atmospheric and suggestive of space and time, this world or others.

Oils are applied by hand over a gold textured base which glows through for a rich visual impact that changes with the viewers relationship to the light source.  Sizes range from tiny 3x3 to 24x36 as well as series of panels that hang together.

Please wander through all of the portfolios on my site.